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Congratulations on your engagement! We consider a marriage ceremony in Judson Baptist Church (JBC) part of our ministry. It is a Christian worship service performed by our Pastors and staff under the authority of our church. Weddings at Judson are sacred, important, and biblical. We will do all we can under these guidelines to make your ceremony the wonderful and memorable experience that you have dreamed. Weddings performed at Judson Baptist are for members of our congregation, regular attenders or the bride or groom’s parents are members.

a note from pastor jeff

The second most important decision a person faces is finding God's will in regard to a mate for  life. I rejoice with you that you feel you have determined God's will, and I want to do all that is  possible to ensure that your wedding ceremony is a worshipful, meaningful experience.  

These policies have been put together to assist you not only in planning for the ceremony but  also in preparing for marriage as well. I am not here as a minister just to perform services, but  to help build strong, happy marriages and families. Therefore, I ask you to read each page  carefully, fill out the necessary forms, and give extra attention to the policies as outlined.  

It is my conviction that both the bride and groom should be committed to basic principles of a  Christian wedding service. The policies outlined on the following pages are based on Biblical  principles that are consistent with that conviction.  

Preparation for marriage is essential for a good beginning; therefore, in order to be married  here at Judson Baptist Church, I request that both bride and groom complete the assignments as  explained in this material. These are designed to help prepare you for a lasting marriage  relationship that will honor the Lord Jesus.  

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to minister to you in this very exciting time in your life.    

In Christ, 

Pastor Jeff

Everything you might need to know

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  • What's Included?
    We make our Worship Center available for the Wedding Ceremony without charge as our gift to you. You are required to pay for the service of our Wedding Coordinator, Facilities / Custodial Staff, and Media Director.  
    • Worship Center for Wedding Ceremony  
    • Wooden pews with upholstered seats for 425 guests  
    • Unity Candelabra and items in Special Events storage room  
    • Access to ____’ square foot Gathering Room adjacent to the Worship Center for Wedding Rehearsal, and / or Wedding and / or Reception  
    • Tables and Chairs:  48 – 60” round tables25 – 8’ rectangle tables & 3 – 30” round high-top tables  
    • Stage lighting  
    • Bridal Suite and Grooms Quarters  
    • Caterer’s Prep Kitchen includes a refrigerator, freezer, ice machine, warming cabinet and sink  (Caterer is responsible for cleaning kitchen) 
    • Property for photos  
    • Parking  
    • Wedding Coordinator, Facilities/Custodian staff and Media Director on site during your wedding and / or rehearsal and / or reception  

    Is there a deposit / down payment? 
    A refundable deposit of $500, plus 1⁄2 payment of all fees, is required with your application. If
    your plans change, it will be reimbursed up to 60 days before the wedding date. Your deposit
    will be refunded to you within 2 weeks after your wedding, minus any deductions you may
    have incurred.

    When are payments due?
    Final 1⁄2 payment is due the day before the wedding.

    What is the Building Capacity?
    Worship Center told 425-450 people.
    Gathering Room can seat 350 with tables and chairs

    How long is the church available (to use)?
    On the day of the wedding, the building(s) will be available to you for a total of six hours to
    accommodate the wedding party and vendors. Consult with the JBC wedding coordinator if
    more time is needed. A deduction of $100 an hour will be deducted from your deposit for every
    hour the wedding party is still in the building after the 6 hours. If additional hours equals more
    than deposit ($500), an invoice will be sent within 2 weeks after the wedding.
    Saturday weddings should conclude by 9:00 P.M. to ensure that all parties have left the buildings
    by 9:00 P.M. to enable the Custodial staff to handle clean-up and set-up for Sunday activities.

    Can I provide my own vendors?
    We are happy for you to provide your own caterer, florist, photographer/videographer,
    china & linen rental, pipe & drape company and valet service

    Am I allowed to use open flame candles?
    Yes within glass cylinder, vase or jar

    Am I allowed to have alcohol? 

    Are Streamers or bubbles allowed?
    Pop out streamers or bubbles may be used outside for the wedding couple send off. The use of
    rice, birdseed, grass seed, confetti and or anything that leaves any kind of residue on the ground
    is prohibited on Judson Baptist Church’s property.

    Do you require event liability insurance?

    Are there any additional fees?
    • Security Fee (for security to be hired for the duration of your wedding and/or
    reception $250)
    • Property Photos prior to day of wedding - $50 per hour, up to 2 hours – Wedding
    Coordinator must be present

  • The couple must have at least one meeting with the officiating minister in person or by phone. The couple must complete all of the counseling assignments as given by the officiating minister. This may include: reading assignments, counseling times, video/audio tapes, marital seminars and more. These are designed to equip the couple for a strong and healthy marriage. Counseling is free provided all meetings and assignments are completed.  

  • If a couple desiring to be married at Judson Baptist Church or by one of our ministers is already living together, the couple must agree to immediately separate themselves from each other and live in separate homes until after the wedding.  

    Only ministers on staff at Judson Baptist Church may conduct weddings unless special arrangements are approved by our pastor. A guest minister may be used with permission by pastor’s office, but he must be a Christian and a licensed or an ordained minister. If an outside minister is used, it is his responsibility to counsel the bride and groom. It will  also be his responsibility to confirm with the pastor’s office that premarital counseling has taken place. Please indicate the guest minister’s name, place of service, and email address on your wedding application. 

    Both the bride and groom are to be committed to the principles of a Christian marriage. If the bride or groom is not a Christian, a presentation of the Gospel during the initial conference can be expected. Any minister of this church will not marry a Christian to an unbeliever. “Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership has righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness?” (II Corinthians 6:14)  

    God has ordained marriage and defined it as the covenant relationship between a man, a woman, and Himself. Judson Baptist Church (JBC) will only recognize marriage between a biological male and a biological female. Our pastors will only participate in weddings and marriages between one man and one woman.  

    The church requires parental approval if either bride or groom is under the age of eighteen (18).  

    The minister may cancel the wedding ceremony if the bride, groom or anyone in the wedding party is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Neither are allowed in our facilities. Judson Baptist Church is a NO SMOKING facility.  

    Wedding requests are generally not approved for anyone who has been divorced less than one (1) year from the legal date of the divorce. If either the bride or groom is divorced, this must be made known to the officiating minister at the time the wedding is scheduled.  

    Judson Baptist Church Wedding Coordinator will be required for all ceremonies (coordinator fees are included in wedding fees.)

  • Choir chairs, drum set and encasement may not be moved from the choir loft and Worship Center Platform. Stage furniture and percussion instruments may be removed by our Facilities and Custodial staff only.  

    No wedding equipment may be stored for future removal. All items must be removed after the conclusion of the wedding ceremony.  

    While we do love children, we do not allow any of our rooms be used for child care during any wedding activity or ceremony. It is the responsibility of the parties involved to handle these matters outside of the church.  

    NOTE: No weddings will take place the week prior to or the weekend after VBS, which usually takes place the first full week of June. Judson Baptist Church does not encourage weddings on holiday weekends or Sundays.

  • The officiating minister must determine whether a rehearsal is needed and may or may not be at the rehearsal. The JBC wedding coordinator is responsible for directing the rehearsal. She will be present to assist you and the wedding party to assure that things flow according to plan. 

    All members of the wedding party, including ushers and parents of the bride and groom, are requested to attend the rehearsal.  

    The rehearsal should be held within the 6 hours day before wedding or 6 hour day of wedding time frame. Rehearsal should conclude within 1 to 1 ½ hours of the starting time. Failure to do so will result in a deduction of $50 per hour from your deposit.  

    Reverence should prevail at the rehearsal.  

    No food or drink is allowed in the Worship Center during rehearsal.  

  • Receptions may be held in the Gathering Room. The day before the wedding, the building will be available for 6 hours for decorating.  The Gathering Room kitchen is only a catering kitchen. The main kitchen is NOT available for any food preparation. Caterers must be licensed and insured.  

    Tables and chairs are provided in the Gathering Room (Judson Baptist Church currently has (48) 60” round tables and (25) 8’ foot rectangular tables, (3) high top tables and 400 chairs. Everyone must provide their own necessary equipment and supplies. All linens must be supplied by client or rental company. JBC does not provide storage before or after the reception and is not responsible for equipment or supplies belonging to caterers. 

    Caterers must bring their own “to go” containers and may not use JBC storage containers, plastic wraps and foils or paper goods and plastic ware.  

    The caterer will need to completely clean-up and remove all of equipment within one (1) hour after the conclusion of the reception, or an additional charge of $50 per hour will be deducted from the deposit.  

    A bridal couple planning a reception without the services of a caterer should allocate people to serve and oversee supplies (dishes, utensils, etc.). Someone should be allocated to remove all decorations, wedding party property, and clean up after the reception. Judson Baptist Church Maintenance staff are responsible for taking down and removing Judson Baptist Church property including tables, chairs, etc.  

  • Our Wedding Coordinator must be present all Wedding related preparations and events. No exceptions.  

    No alcoholic beverages or items containing alcohol may be served at the reception or any other wedding related activities on the church premises.  

    The caterer and their employees must refrain from the use of irreverent language, discourteous actions and smoking inside the building.  

    The caterer may arrive at the beginning of the reserved 6 hour wedding time frame to begin set up.  

    Absolutely no food or drink is to be taken into the Worship Center.  

    The use of church buildings for all wedding activities must conclude and everyone out of the building no later than 9:00 pm. There are no exceptions to this policy. The church Facilities and Custodial Personnel will be setting up the rooms for the next day’s activities.

  • Music in the ceremony should be in keeping with the dignity and sacredness of a worship service. All music must be submitted to the JBC wedding coordinator for approval at least two weeks prior to the wedding. Sacred, contemporary Christian and classical instrumental music are acceptable.  

    The selection of the musicians and soloists are the responsibility of the bride and groom. Fees should be paid to the parties involved.  

  • Photographers / Videographers are welcome to use our Worship Center, Gathering Room and beautiful campus for photographs and videos. Photo shoots may be scheduled in advance through the JBC Wedding Coordinator who will also be present for such shoots. A fee of $50 per hour will be charged for the session and may be up to 2 hours. Tripods, stands and other equipment may be used as long as they do not damage any of the church furnishings and are not placed in aisles interfering with movement.  

    We ask that you, and all those assisting you, respect our facilities and ask that your speech and actions are courteous. JBC is a non-smoking facility and no food or drink may be taken into the worship center. Please pick up any trash and throw into trash cans before you leave. 

  • No decorations of any kind are to be applied to walls or ceilings. Nails, staples or adhesives of any kind are not permitted.  

    You may only use dripless candles. Votives may be used in votive cups. Candles may not be surrounded by any flammable materials. Plastic materials must be placed under all floral arrangements and candelabras to protect surfaces and flooring.  

    The facilities will be clean and ready for the wedding ceremony when the florist arrives. The florist/decorator is responsible for cleanup after decorating. Cleaning equipment is not provided by the church.  

    The florist must begin take-down immediately after the wedding. If you plan to save any decorations, it is your responsibility to make arrangements for these decorations.  

    Judson Baptist Church is not responsible for equipment and supplies belonging to florists and decorators.  

  • Our Wedding Coordinator of Judson Baptist church is the required liaison between the church and your wedding. She is here to provide guidance and assistance during your wedding planning. She will be present to assist you in all planning meetings, during the Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner, and Wedding Ceremony and/or Reception and any activity pertaining to your Wedding Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner, and / or Reception as well as styling of utilized areas.  

    Responsibilities of the Wedding Coordinator are:  

    1. To assist you in understanding all policies, procedures and fees associated with facilities and personnel. (Coordinator fees are included in wedding fees)  
    2. To assure that pre-marital counseling policies have been followed.  
    3. To collect all necessary fees as outlined in the policies.  
    4. To work with you and your vendors in wedding planning concerning the wedding and/or rehearsal and/or Rehearsal dinner and/or Reception. To communicate with Facility and Custodial personnel. It is the bride’s responsibility to schedule this appointment. If you are using Judson Baptist Church facilities for your reception, our Wedding Coordinator will oversee the reception and use of the Gathering Room kitchen (see Facilities and Food Preparation policies). At 2 weeks before the wedding, she will need a printable floor plan for the arrangement of tables and chairs. She will assist you with this if necessary.  
    5. To secure the Director of Media and communicate all information regarding music, microphones and lighting. 
    6. To return your security/damage deposit if the wedding policies are kept. 
  • A Facility and Custodial Personnel will be on-site during the rehearsal and the wedding. He will work with our wedding coordinator concerning set-up arrangements for the wedding and/or reception, maintain temperature controls, and see that buildings are locked and unlocked at the requested times.  

    Maintenance Personnel DO NOT remove, handle, or store decorations from florists or family members.  

    He will be available to help the Media Director reset the stage area after the wedding and perform other duties as requested by the wedding coordinator including set-up all music stands, set keyboards, and monitors. 

  • The Wedding Coordinator will secure our Director of Media to be available during any activity involving a Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding and / or Reception. He will be the only person authorized to play CD’s and/or DVD’s on equipment at JBC. He will handle the lighting and any necessary microphones during the ceremony. He will also be available to practice with soloists before or after if there is a wedding rehearsal.  

    At the conclusion of the wedding, he and the Maintenance Person will reset the area and make necessary sound adjustments for the next event. 

  • A Security Guard will be present during all activities the day of the wedding (while the doors are open). 

  • Rehearsal, Ceremony & Reception

    Use of Worship Center and / or Gathering Room for decorating, Rehearsal and / or Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding and / or Reception will be 6 hours the day before and 6 hours the day of.  

    Planner / Wedding Coordinator $950  

    Facilities and Custodial Staff $450

    Media $500  

    Security $240  

    Total: $2,140  

    Ceremony & Reception

    Use of Worship Center and / or Gathering Room for decorating, Wedding and / or reception will be 6 hours the day before and 6 hours the day of.  

    Planner / Wedding Coordinator $750  

    Facilities and Custodial Staff $350  

    Media $400  

    Security $240  

    Total $1,740  

    Reception Only

    Use of Gathering Room for Reception only - will be 6 hours the day of.  

    Planner / Wedding Coordinator $500  

    Facilities and Custodial Staff $300  

    Media $250  

    Security $240  

    Total $1,290  

    Ceremony Only

    Use of Worship Center for one event only - will be 6 hours the day of.  

    Planner / Wedding Coordinator $500  

    Facilities and Custodial Staff $150  

    Media $250*  

    Security $240  

    Total $1,140  

    ***If additional hours are required, these will be charged at $35/hour per the discretion of the Director of Media.

  • Any party wishing to be married in Judson Baptist Church without our Wedding Coordinator is considered a walk-in wedding.  

    A walk-in wedding will not have a reception or decorations. The ceremony should last no longer than thirty (30) minutes. 

    Reservation is required assuring the availability of a Judson Baptist Church minister and availability of the Worship Center or office.

    Walk-In Wedding Fees

    No sound/light technician, music personnel or instrumentalist will be involved in a walk-in wedding. Should one of these personnel be requested, our Wedding Coordinator will be required to be present and regular fees will be required as stated in our policy.  

    Deposit required.  

    Worship center fee of $100.00 is required and is due when reservation is made. Use of Groom’s Room or Bride’s Room will be available with no fee.

    1. Fill out the Wedding Applications listed above.
    2. Contact the Executive Assistant. She will check on the availability of the facilities, the minister and the coordinator, and schedule an initial conference with the minister who will be performing your ceremony.
    3. Our wedding coordinator will help you with any further questions and assist throughout the planning and day of your wedding. She will collect all monies and be the liaison between you, your vendors, and the church. A preferred list of vendors is available upon request.
    4. The dates of your wedding and rehearsal, and if you choose rehearsal dinner and/or reception at Judson Baptist Church will be tentatively scheduled on the master church calendar when the deposit is received.