Ask me my story

     Stories make up a huge portion of our lives as they help to frame our experiences and beliefs. My family has stories that have shaped us for generations. We have shared stories around our American experience - Paul Bunyan with his hobnailed boots and his double blade axe along with his big blue ox Babe come to mind. We have just finished the Christmas season by recounting the greatest story of all time. These stories teach us something, and in the case of Christ’s coming to earth, we are given hope.

     As I think about our church community, I’m reminded that we have hundreds of stories that point to grace and hope because our lives have intersected the story of Christ. Your stories are moving and powerful because they are real and at times raw. I am convinced that now more than ever the world needs to hear our stories.  

     When you stop to tell someone your story, you are allowing them to see backstage into your life. You are giving them a glimpse of what God has done in your life. You are pointing to His Glory. Perhaps the most important thing you are doing is giving a testimony that pushes back the darkness. 

- Pastor Jeff Mims