Tuesday Morning Bible Study at 9:00am (Starting October 23)

"Anxious for Nothing" at Judson

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Tuesday Morning Bible Studies at 9:00am (Starting Sept. 4) 

The Quest (6 weeks) and Anxious for Nothing (5 weeks) with Susan Rudge - Room 2106B

Revelation Wellness with Aly Chase - Room 2106A

Wednesday Morning Bible Study at 9:30am

1 Timothy Study with Jet Mealer - Room 2111

Wednesday Evening Bible Studies at 5:45pm (Starting Sept. 5)

Breaking Free with Delinia Poenitske - Room 2106B

The Gospel Comes with a House Key with Marianne Bennett - Room 2103

Thursday Evening Bible Study at 7:00pm (Starting Sept. 6)

Anxious for Nothing at the home of Dede Fuson