National Level 2 Partners

Level 2 Mission Partnerships are opportunities that we support with prayer, financial commitments, 

and the engagement of teams on the ground.

  • The Church at Blue Ridge

    Greer, SC

    Senior Pastor: Ted & Jennifer Richards

    Teaching Pastor: Robert & Julie McKinney

    Champion: Chris & Sydney Talley

    Blue Ridge - an area of Northern Greenville County, South Carolina - has become a community ripe with Gospel opportunity. Having nearly doubled in population in the last 10 years, this once quite rural community is changing. Instead of farms and forests, subdivisions and neighborhoods are beginning to dot the landscape, and they are being filled with thousands of people. Most of these families work and play in places like Greenville and Greer, but Blue Ridge is the quiet oasis they have chosen to call home. The incredible changes that are taking place in Blue Ridge have created an amazing Gospel opportunity.

  • Connecting Church

    abdington, MD

    Pastor: Phil Gifford

    Champion: Marianne Bennett

    In 2010, Phil and Pam moved to a suburb of Baltimore called Bel Air South. After serving with an established church for over five years, Pam and Phil felt burdened to reach their underserved community by starting a new church. Bel Air South has about 48,000 people living in 15 square miles, but only five evangelical churches. Phil and Pam began praying for their community and for chances to engage with people who don’t know Christ. Through this season, they were called to start Connecting Church. Their previous church sent them out as church planting missionaries and on May 21 they began meeting in their home for Bible study. Over the summer this study has doubled in attendance and they are preparing to have their first public worship services in the Fall.

  • Remedy Church

    portland, OR

    Pastor: Josh Carter

    Champion: Rhea Montpool

    Josh and Amy have known each other since Kindergarten, and they attended the same school for 12 years. God brought them together in college and they were married in 2004. After an incredible decade of marriage, Josh and Amy are blessed with 3 children. Over the last 11 years the Carters have been involved in making disciples and raising up others to make much of Jesus through the local church and different areas of ministry, including church planting. In 2011 God began to speak to the Carters about church planting in the West. In the following 2 years, while life was great and comfortable and ministry was growing, God confirmed and invited the Carters to move west and participate in His activity of expanding His Kingdom in the Pacific Northwest. 

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