Local Level 2 Partners

Level 2 Mission Partnerships are opportunities that we support with prayer, financial commitments, 

and the engagement of teams on the ground.

  • Journey Refuge (Legacy Mission Village)

    Champion: David Howell & Jean Isenberg

    Journey Refuge exists to connect refugee students currently at Overton High School with Judson volunteers, activities, and facilities to impact their cultures with a Christian world view. Journey Refuge is a program of the Legacy Mission Village that works with refugees in Middle Tennessee.

  • Begin Anew - Nashville

    Director: Becky Sumrall

    Champion: Charlyene Couey

    Begin Anew (formally Christian Women’s Job Corps) seeks to provide a structured Christian environment where women and men in need are equipped and encouraged for a new life in Jesus Christ, and where job skills can be acquired for employment in order to directly enhance their lives and the lives of their families.

Local Level 1 Projects

Level 1 Mission Projects are opportunities that we support with prayer and smaller financial commitments.  

  • Front Porch Ministries

    Partner: Thom and Michele Hazelip

    Champion: Teresa Mason

    Front Porch Ministry is an impact ministry that begins with ‘relationship’. By our family living in the neighborhood we serve, we seek to have long term spiritual impact on the lives of children and single mothers beginning with the ministry from our ‘Front Porch’ and expanding into a living ministry to families often with great need.

  • Fishing Net Ministries

    Director and Champion: Rudy Kish

    Fishing Net Ministry is an all-volunteer ministry with a mission to show the love of Jesus Christ and His redemption, especially to Hispanic people in Metro Nashville through weekly Bible Studies, teaching English as a second language, and opportunities for loving fellowship.

  • First Priority

    Director: Steve Cherrico

    Champion: Mark Leath and Greg Fuson

    First Priority is a strong Christ centered strategy that unites the body of Christ around the schools in 6 counties across greater Nashville where 140,000 teenage students attend public and private schools. This project will initially concentrate on the First Priority Club at Overton High School.

  • My Local

    Director & Champion: Jared Runion

    My Local is a college and young adult movement in Nashville, TN. Their mission is to create a space where the Holy Spirit moves and heals the broken hearts of Nashville. They meet together once a month to connect the truth of scripture with the relevance of today's culture. Every Monday night, they meet together in small groups called ML Crews.

  • Liberty Church Network

    Champion: Nathan McClendon

    Liberty Church Network (LCN) is a gathering of local pastors that meets monthly to encourage, challenge, network, and coach pastors on how to lead better disciple-making churches. Judson Baptist is the Local Center for middle Tennessee.  Our pastors that attend come from all sizes, types, and models of evangelical churches in the area and in many cases are involved in church planting or revitalization.  The goal of LCN is to help pastors make disciples who will make disciples.  Matthew 28: 19-20

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