Level 3 Mission Partner

TTI–The Timothy Initiative

Jared Nelms

TTI’s mission is to advance Christ’s Kingdom by planting multiplying churches

and missional communities in America and around the world.


TTI’s vision is to plant five million evangelical, multiplying new churches in partnership with other like-minded ministries.


We train disciple makers to start multiplying churches where they live, work and play. Internationally, we gather church planters together for one to two years of training through Biblically balanced curriculum with ongoing mentoring and coaching to start a multiplying new church. These new churches meet in buildings, houses, under trees, etc. The average church size is 20 new believers in predominantly un-evangelized areas. Domestically, we partner with local churches to develop their believers to be disciple makers. They gather together regularly and are trained to establish missional communities in their homes and neighborhoods.


TTI has seen more than 26,000 churches planted across the globe in 43 countries. These churches have forever changed the lives of 520,000+ new believers! At our current growth rate, 15 new churches are planted every day with 300 new believers coming into the Kingdom. Our survival rate of churches after two years is 85%.

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