International Level 2 Partners

Level 2 Mission Partnerships are opportunities that we support with prayer, financial commitments, 

and the engagement of teams on the ground.

  • Global Gateway Ministry Partners

    London, England

    Partner: Greg & Ellen Kingry

    Champion: Colt Martin

    God called us to cross-cultural ministries over 30 years ago. Along that journey we've had the opportunity to serve in the US and internationally among multiple people groups sharing the gospel, ministering to the needy, as well as training and equipping new believers to lives for Christ and to make disciples among the nations. Now God has given us, through Global Gateway Ministry Partners, the opportunity to evangelize the nations through gateway cities like London. With our partners, we are working in 3 primary ways: to see healthy Gospel-driven local churches grow and multiply; to support families and churches through innovative Christian schools, and theological ministry training; and, to build a culture in which the Church and society can flourish, and individuals have freedom to live out their values. We believe that as "healthy" churches grow, they will reach their neighbors. And in a city like London filled with over 300 languages spoken daily, reaching our neighbors becomes a gateway to reaching the nations.

  • Samaritians Place

    Silang, Cavite, Philippines

    Partner: Marilen & Marc Morris

    Champion: Brenda Barker

    SAMARITANS, Inc. is a licensed and accredited residential child caring, community development and international adoptions liaison agency in the Philippines. Founded in 1998 by Marc and Marilen Morris, SAMARITANS premier program Samaritan's Place provides high quality family style homes for orphan children until they are legally adopted by a forever family. Orphans have been adopted into Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, France, Finland, Norway, Philippines, Sweden and the United States. Both Marc and Marilen feel very honored to be able to use their gifts of administration, encouragement and hospitality to facilitate life changing opportunities for Philippine orphan children, adoptive families and volunteers that visit Samaritans Place.

  • Casa David


    Partner and Champion: Marvina Hooper

    Champion: Tina Torbert & Kathie Reynolds

    Much like a Ronald McDonald House, Casa David opens its doors to family members of patients at hospitals in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, Honduras, who are often facing their darkest days. It is made available to those who travel great distances to come to the hospital and who have no other place to go. not only do we provide a clean and comfortable bed, meals, a place to shower and wash clothes, but more importantly, we share the Gospel with all our guests. "Much more than help we offer hope!"

  • IMB


    Partners: Matt & Merry

    Champion: Dane & Elise Daniels

    Matt & Merry are family to Judson Merry grew up at Judson and her parents are still faithful members. They currently live and work with Northern African and Middle Eastern Peoples in France, building bridges, making connections, and sharing the Good News of the Messiah. Our calling and heart's desire is to see churches form among Northern Africans, so that Christ will be glorified and France will become a gateway for the Gospel to be taken into Northern Africa.

Internation Level 1 Projects

Level 1 Mission Projects are opportunities that we support with prayer and smaller financial commitments.  

  • Global Encouragers Ministries


    Champion: Carl and Wanda King

    GEM teams partner with local churches in the Pantanal region of Brazil. Reaching fishermen, businessmen, high-risk youth, or university students, we share the gospel by meeting spiritual and physical needs.


  • Global Missions Project

    Champion: Camp Kirkland

    GMP uses the “magnet” of music to connect with people around the world and share the love of Christ with them. Music may be the only language they all understand. We go to change lives and have our lives changed by going.

  • K4K (Kare for Kids)

    East Africa

    Champion: Julie King

    K4K is a ministry of Church Missions Network that provides nutritious meals three times a week to thousands of orphans and widows in East Africa through churches they have planted.

  • Living Water Transformation

    South Sudan

    Partner and Champion: Ann & Bala Rao

    Living Water Community Transformation (LWCT) is a faith-based community development organization. We exist to help communities in South Sudan to become spiritually grounded in Christ, physically healthier, and economically self-sustaining. In 2002, the Lord put a burden on my heart for the suffering people of war-torn South Sudan. I lead our first trip to South Sudan in 2003. It was a medical team made of volunteers from several Churches. By 2006 some of these volunteers were able to raise enough funds to build a small hospital in Akot, South Sudan. We soon began teaching preventative healthcare & Bible stories to the Sudanese. We started with 25 women in 2007. Today, there are groups meeting in 8 communities with approximately 800 participants. In 2006, we started a primary school with one teacher, with a 7th grade education, and 25 children. Today, we have two primary schools with 795 students. Our Christian schools are producing the top scores on the national exams. LWCT has started 18 churches and operates two pastor training centers. Weekly men's and women's discipleship groups are meeting in 8 villages. A 22 acre demonstration farm, with solar powered irrigation, is teaching new farming techniques, and is producing food to sell in the market. Large church gardens, school gardens, women's ministry gardens, and home gardens are producing enough food to sustain our communities, while the rest of the country is suffering a famine. A goat rearing business and a sewing school has empowered women to start small businesses. The ministry is completely staffed by 70 indigenous people from their own community. LWCT has sponsored 7 university students and provides scholarships for 12 secondary school students. We have no paid staff in the US. To God alone be the glory!

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